Solar Panels harness the only renewable energy, that offer financial benefits for the homeowner and helps the environment.

Solar Energy, feed In Tariffs, grants and installations, it can all be confusing. In order to help answer any questions please call our Solar Power Helpline above

Grants for Solar panels and Feed in tariffs

UK Government feed in tariff guarantees a minimum payment, index linked and tax free for twenty five years for generating solar electricity

FITs and grants - Department of Energy and Climate Change


Solar Grants Background (Before feed in tarrifs were introduced)

The Department of Trade and Industry launched its four-year Major Photovoltaics Demonstration programme in 2002, offering grants for PV installation to householders, the public sector and businesses. The grants are administered through The Energy Savings Trust and fall into two categories of grant.

Stream 1 for Small Systems

These grants are for PV systems under 5kW peak output and this would typically include domestic homes and small organisations and offices. A grant of up to 50% of system cost is available although this may be capped for certain types of technology and level of build. PV Systems is a DTI accredited PV installer, and will help you complete the grant application and provide all supporting documentation, details etc

Stream 2 for Larger Systems

These grants are for PV systems over 5kW peak output and would typically include systems for medium to large organisations in the private or public sectors. Grant offers up to 55% of systems costs can be made for public sector PV projects and up to 40% for PV projects in the private sector. Applications for medium to large scale PV systems are a little more complex and will require further information on the proposed PV installation to be approved. Applications are considered for funding every quarter through a competitive call for proposals. PV Systems is a DTI accredited PV installer, and will help you complete the grant application and provide all supporting documentation, details etc.


Solar PV
Photovaltaic (PV) solar panels generate free electricity for your home. This means lower electricity bills and a potential income from Feed in Tariff payments. Solar Photovoltaic is simply a long word for 'converting the heat from the sun into electricity'


Feed In Tariffs (FITS)
Since April The Department of Energy and Climate Change introduced a scheme that compels energy suppliers to pay you for producing electricity via PV solar panels, it is referred to as Feed In Tariffs.


Solar Heating
Advice and help on Solar heating, solar heating panels, and solar compatible boilers and heating systems. Did you know that 70% of the average home's energy use is taken by heating water and rooms, can solar heating save you money and the enviroment?
Solar Grants
Although there are no official solar power grants from the government in terms of lump sum incentives, new feed-in tariffs reward homeowners for generating clean renewable electricity
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Home solar power pays – and the first 25 years are fully guaranteed


Common questions about Solar Energy:Common questions about Solar Energy:

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